Oxfam Equality Clubs with YLAC

JD for Local Resource Persons – School Outreach

As we expand the Oxfam Equality Clubs with YLAC to 100 schools all over India, we need dynamic and energetic individuals to join us in our mission to develop the next generation of changemakers. The role involves tapping networks in and around your city to help onboard schools into the Equality Clubs initiative. If this sounds exciting to you, then read on!
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About the Equality Clubs

The Equality Clubs is a flagship initiative of Oxfam India and YLAC for students in grades 8 through 12. By setting up Equality Clubs in schools, YLAC and Oxfam aim to familiarize students with the different types of inequalities – economic, gender, religious or otherwise – that exist in society, help build empathy and appreciation of one’s own privilege, and inspire students to take action.

To facilitate the work of these clubs, we provide an overall framework with a dedicated curriculum, skill-based workshops as well as interactive sessions with experts in all participating schools. During the academic year 2019-20, the clubs have been piloted across 7 schools in 4 different cities, namely Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Lucknow and Raipur. As part of the plan for 2020, Oxfam and YLAC aim to expand this program to 100 schools across the country.

To facilitate efficient school outreach, we are looking for local individuals in select cities. The selected cities are: (1) Lucknow; (2) Kanpur; (3) Guwahati; (4) Patna; (5) Ranchi and (6) Raipur.



Role & Responsibilities

This is a part-time position wherein the local resource person will be required to reach out to a large number of schools to help onboard a target number across the selected cities. On average, an individual will be expected to onboard approximately 5 schools per city. Given our experience during the 2019-20 pilot, you may have to initiate contact with 5-7 times the number of schools that are required to be onboarded.

The individual will be expected to identify schools, initiate connect and explain the club structure as well as the time commitment and expected outcomes to the interested schools. Post the school’s agreement, the resource will be required to help facilitate the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

We estimate that a local resource person will need to spend about 40-50 hours on the project, spread over the period February – March. The hours required may vary depending on the strength of outreach and school responsiveness.

Ideal Resource Profile

An ideal local resource is someone who is excited to work in the education space and has a strong network with schools in the identified cities. While we are open to receiving applications from anyone passionate about the role, we would prefer that an individual have:

  • A background in working with schools/ students, and in the learning and development space
  • Excellent communication and networking skills
  • Strong work ethic and accountability for timelines



Contract Structure & Compensation

The individual will be onboarded through a contract with compensation strongly tied to the committed deliverables. Compensation will involve two components, a fixed base amount along with an incentive for every MOU signed or school onboarded. All costs associated with travel and ancillary expenditure as part of the project will be duly reimbursed.



Expressing Interest

You can find more information about the initiative, including details about how the club is structured as well as our experience of running the pilot in 2019, through the presentation available here. If you would like to anchor the school outreach for this project in any city, please express interest by filling the form available here. For any other information, please feel free to reach out to us at oec@theylacproject.com

You are encouraged to express interest as early as possible. We are looking to close partnerships before end-February.