High School Achievers Program

The 2024 editions of the High School Achievers program are currently accepting applications. Interested candidates can fill the form below to apply. Shortlisted candidates will be called for an informal online interview and results will be announced within 3-4 weeks of their candidature being filed.
Please check the schedule carefully to ensure your availability. Attendance at the program sessions is mandatory for successful graduation. Please also note that all answers will be run through advanced plagiarism and AI detectors. Applications which indicate plagiarism or the use of AI tools will be directly disqualified.
Before you submit, please check the schedule, fee and deadlines:   Schedule   |   Fee   |   Deadlines

Section I: The basics

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Section II: Getting to know you

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Section III: Your interests & achievements

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Section IV: Uploads

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Section V: Summarize your application for us

For each of the fields below, please select the closest option that best describes you and/or your accomplishments. Please answer as accurately as possible; we'll also tally your answers against the documents submitted in Section IV.

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