Tentative Calendar 2024

The tentative calendar for 2024 is appended below. We’ll update the calendar as plans develop and ideas materialize. New programs are currently being designed and YLAC is planning to expand its footprint to more cities. YLAC also works with organizations to co-develop customized programs/ initiatives. These programs are not pre-decided and, therefore, not included in the calendar below.
Note: Applications to each program open about two-three months before the program kicks off. If you would like to be intimated when a program of interest is announced, please sign up below. Alternatively, you can follow us on social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook) for updates.


Policy in Action Program

A month-long engagement for young professionals and university students to explore the fields of public policy and development. The program is designed to deliver core skills in policy analysis, advocacy and leadership, along with the experience of working on live projects for policymakers – MPs, MLAs, ministries and other government institutions. [Read more]

City Tentative dates
NA (Online) Jun – Jul
Delhi Nov – Dec


Mobility Champions

A three-month-long paid engagement for young professionals and university students to amplify the movement for sustainable mobility. At YLAC, we are working to reimagine transportation systems – a step towards decongesting India’s cities – and the Mobility Champions program is our attempt to identify and groom passionate young residents to push the agenda on sustainable mobility via policy and advocacy. [Read more]

City Tentative dates
Bengaluru Feb – Apr
Delhi Feb – Apr


Young Researchers for Social Impact

A month-long online program designed to build critical thinking and problem solving skills by engaging talented high schoolers in research projects for partner NGOs. Projects concern contemporary issues in fields such as environment, gender, education, global health and governance. [Read more]

City Tentative dates
NA (Online) Jun – Jul


The Artivist Fellowship

Modeled as a revitalized rendition of YLAC’s prestigious Counter Speech Fellowship (CSF), the Artivist Fellowship is a unique platform for creative teenagers to use the power of art to inspire change. Designed and run by YLAC, this fellowship aims to combine the power of art and advocacy to make the world a better place. [Read more]

City Tentative dates
NA (Online) Oct – Nov
Delhi Oct – Nov


High School Achievers Program

A week-long offline summer program to help young adults become active agents of change in their communities. This program is designed to give promising teenagers a platform to broaden their perspective, think critically about society and build their capacity to lead change. [Read more]

City Tentative dates
Bengaluru May
Delhi Jun