Redefining Civic Education

A Janaagraha & YLAC Initiative

Janaagraha and YLAC joined forces to redefine the way civic education is imparted in schools in our country. Together, we developed experiential learning lesson plans to make classrooms fun and engaging. Lesson plans have been developed for select chapters in the sciences and civics curriculum for grades 6th to 10th in three boards – NCERT, Karnataka State Board and the Kerala State Board, depending on their relevance to civic engagement and responsibility.

Each lesson plan (or Teacher’s Guide as we call it) employs multiple teaching techniques – including role plays, videos, games, activities, debates and discussions – and contains detailed facilitation notes to support teachers. The plans cover the base curriculum and include assessments to judge progress, while prescribing additional resources for teachers and students to further their learning.

The lesson plans are available for you to access below. Here’s to bringing back the wonder in the classroom and paving the way for engaged citizens!

Teacher’s Guides



  • Karnataka State Board

  • Kerala State Board

Grade VI

Grade VII

Grade VIII

Grade IX

Grade X

Grade VI

Grade VII

Grade VIII


Your feedback

If you find the plans useful or have inputs on how we can them better, please let us know. We would also be happy to write to you with updates as and when new lesson plans are developed.