Apply to be a Mobility Champion


If you are a resident of Bengaluru, here’s your chance to be an advocate for a more liveable and breathable urban environment. Apply before 21st November, 2021 to be a Mobility Champion to help amplify the movement for sustainable mobility in the city!
Interested candidates should submit their responses to the questions below and attach a copy of their latest resume. Word limits, wherever prescribed, should not be exceeded. Selections will be announced by 15th December and the engagement will begin on 8th January, 2022. Please note that all answers will be run through plagiarism checkers. Applications with plagiarized text will be disqualified.

Before submitting, do check:   Role Description   |   Eligibility Criteria   |   Duration, Time Commitment & Compensation

Section I: The basics

Section II: Getting to know you

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Max. 300 words

Section III: Attachments

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Section IV: And finally!