Bengaluru is one of the most traffic congested cities in the world. Estimates suggest that traffic congestion costs Bengaluru Rs. 38,000 crore every year. While an increasing number of people are moving into the city, Bengaluru is not built for this influx. The city is thus confronted with the challenge of accommodating for the higher population with limited infrastructure and mounting pressure on its mobility frameworks. The end result is increased commute times, mental fatigue and loss of productivity. With research now proving the age-old ‘Time is money’ adage, it is time that we, as citizens, take it upon ourselves to fix the issues we see in our cities.
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Looking for Mobility Champions

To further the goal of creating liveable cities, YLAC is joining hands with the #BengaluruMoving campaign to help reduce vehicular emissions and congestion in Bengaluru. The immediate action plan for the year is to focus on efficient public transportation, including bus lanes, and designing solutions to increase uptake of public transportation among residents. To this end, we are instituting the Bengaluru Active Citizenship Labs – a 45-day engagement program, wherein 10-12 passionate young residents of Bengaluru will be groomed as Mobility Champions to amplify the key messages of the #BengaluruMoving Campaign.
With a strong focus on tapping the city’s talent pool, the Mobility Champions will use a mix of engagement tactics to build support for promising mobility solutions among policymakers. In parallel, a hackathon will be organised to engage a wider audience around potential tech solutions to incentivize public transport usage among Bengaluru’s residents. In addition to undertaking research and advocating for solutions with policymakers, the Mobility Champions will also be ambassadors for this hackathon.


Role description

This unique opportunity is designed for techies from Bengaluru who are well-versed with the mobility woes of the city and the impact that it has on their daily lives. The selected individuals will get to be members of a change-making community who will lead the discussions on urban mobility in Bengaluru and advocate for change among peers, other stakeholders in the city and policymakers. As part of the campaign, they will be expected to shoulder the following responsibilities:

  • Undertake research by studying different policy solutions and strategies impacting mobility, while learning lessons from different regional contexts
  • Actively engage in campaign-related activities throughout the period of 45 days to advocate for the uptake of identified solutions
  • Create infographics, representations, opinion pieces, etc. for engagement with various stakeholders including policymakers in the city and state administration
  • Plan and execute tactics to engage with Bangalore’s IT community for the hackathon to help identify promising tech solutions
  • Participate in all program-related sessions and meetings, such as weekly trainings, external speaker sessions etc.


See:   Looking for Mobility Champions   |   Role Description   |   Eligibility   |   Duration, Time Commitment & Compensation   |   Applications



  • Tech-sector working professionals, including those in non-tech roles but employed in organizations that provide tech services, between the ages of 22-30, based in Bengaluru, with a penchant for arts, policy and climate change activism
  • Strong research and analytical skills
  • Ability to present information in a structured and insightful manner
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Someone who is proactive and capable of working with minimal supervision

Note: If you were based in Bengaluru before the pandemic and are currently residing elsewhere, you can still apply to be a Mobility Champion




Duration & Time Commitment


  • 45-day engagement from 25th July to 5th September, 2020
  • Minimum 20-hour time commitment per week, mainly after work hours and over weekends
  • To facilitate coordination and training, all Mobility Champions should be available between 4-6 PM every Saturday evening for speaker/mentor sessions for the duration of the engagement. Barring these pre-scheduled sessions, you’ll have full flexibility to manage your own schedule


Compensation & Perks


  • A nominal stipend of Rs. 15,000 for the 45-day period
  • Opportunity to lead from the front to change your city through citizen activism, while engaging in research and advocacy in the rapidly evolving transportation policy landscape
  • An intellectually stimulating environment with access to a strong community of change-makers


See:   Looking for Mobility Champions   |   Role Description   |   Eligibility   |   Duration, Time Commitment & Compensation   |   Applications




Please submit your details along with your resume through the link here. The form will also seek some additional information on your motivation, skill sets and past experiences. The deadline for applications is 15th July, 2020.
In case you have any questions, you may write to us at [email protected]