Young Researchers for Social Impact

For the Young Researchers program, YLAC will offer up to six scholarships ranging between 25% and 100% of the program fee in each edition.
To apply for a scholarship, please submit an additional essay (maximum 1,000 words) explaining: 1) how do you plan to use the learning from the program; and 2) why do you require a scholarship to attend. Please also submit a short letter of recommendation from a teacher at school. The recommendation letter should ideally be submitted on your school’s letterhead. In case that is not feasible, please request your teacher to put their email and phone number on the letter. Finally, if your teacher would prefer sending the letter to YLAC directly, you may ask them to send a scanned copy to [email protected]
Scholarship awards shall be announced soon after the deadline and applicants shall be selected on the basis of merit and financial need. Please note that scholarship applications close a couple of weeks ahead of program applications. You are requested to check the deadlines to make sure you apply in time.

Please use the same email as in the main program application
Please enter App ID# of your main program application. Cite it here to link your scholarship and program applications
Upload as a pdf or doc/docx file; max. size 5 MB
Upload as a signed pdf or image file; max. size 5 MB